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How the ‘apocalyptic’ Southern Baptist report almost didn’t happen

Lyell, a former vice president for Lifeway Christian Resources, the Southern Baptist publisher, whose life and career fell apart after she made her abuse experience public, doubts anything will change, even after the report. Lyell supported the abuse investigation but said it revealed only the tip of the iceberg.

Ask a Religious Scientist: How is your church structured?

Religious Science, currently known as Centers for Spiritual Living, has its home office in Golden, Colorado.

Pope Francis tells atheists to ‘obey their conscience’

Once again breaking with traditional Vatican protocol, Pope Francis on Wednesday (Sept. 11) penned a long letter to the Italian liberal daily La Repubblica to affirm that an “open dialogue free of prejudices” between Christians and atheists is “necessary and precious.”

BRIEF: Come meet the SpokaneFAVS writers!

Come meet the Spokane Faith & Values writers next week at our first ever social mixer!

SpokaneFAVS has 40 local writers offering valuable insights and news articles about faith and ethics, and this is your chance to meet them.

COMMENTARY: Pay no attention to the man behind the burning Qurans

Three years ago, a nobody from nowhere got famous for doing something unpleasant.

The self-ordained pastor of an unknown Florida church threatened to burn a Quran. And then he did it.

Pope calls despairing single pregnant mom, offers to baptize her child

Of all the novelties that Pope Francis has brought to the Vatican, few have endeared him to the public — and unsettled his aides — as much as his penchant for picking up the phone and calling someone out of the blue.

Ask A Buddhist: Understanding Buddhist titles

In the U.S, the list of Buddhist teachers include, but is not exclusive to: Theravada and Mahayana monastics, Zen senseis and roshis, Korean masters, Tibetan geshes and lamas, Buddhist chaplains, Buddhist ministers and lay Buddhist teachers.

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