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Religion’s Role in Jan. 6 Riot Named Top Religion Story of 2021

The prominent role played by religion in the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol was chosen as the top religion story of 2021 by members of the Religion News Association in its annual Top 10 Religion Stories and Newsmaker of the Year Poll.

President Biden: ‘Let us recommit ourselves to the lessons of Easter’

We know that the crisis is not yet over, but as Easter heralds the return of spring, we see signs of hope all around us.

Diverse Not Divisive

During his inaugural address, Joe Biden made the bold claim: "Democracy has prevailed." Not to be a party pooper, but isn't the jury still out on that one?

Dear President-Elect Biden: Heal the country. Pardon Trump

If I’m being honest, I justified my misgivings and uncertainty by focusing it all on one man, your soon-to-be predecessor. In my fear and anger, I found it was easier for me to spend the last four years building his political gallows than to building bridges for our country’s moral infrastructure.

We Went to The Moon

Why were memories of the Apollo missions the first that came to mind as I began to appreciate Joe Biden’s historic election victory?

How will Joe Biden deal with the abortion question?

For the duration of the Democratic primary season, the abortion issue was off the table — largely because all the significant candidates were solidly in support of abortion rights. The one exception might have been Joe Biden

America hasn’t always been kind to Catholic presidential candidates

In fact, Biden is counting on his Catholicism to be a boon to his campaign — but that hasn’t always been the case for Catholic presidential hopefuls.

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