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That which Answers Everything, Answers Nothing

Why was the church failing, and what good is talk of God and the spirit when few of us believed such things could be rationally addressed?

Why cherry picking leads to mistakes

Recently in the SFAV’s web conversations there have been a number of comments posted, most using a peculiar and often rather flawed method of justification. I do not exempt myself from this criticism. I have seen in particular numerous references to sacred scriptures, usually the Christian Bible, and references to tradition; these are both calls to authority. However, there is very little use of scientific historical method, linguistics, or sociology and anthropology.

The Resurrection Series: The Good Arguments

There is a significant reason why the topic of Jesus’ resurrection has become such a hot button issue in recent years. The Jesus Seminar is certainly a boiling point, but the JS is really just a culmination of a theological movement that for the most part organized Christianity has tried to suppress.

Hal Taussig and A New Testament: An interview explained

For those of us who are concerned with spiritual development, we are living in a very interesting age. Not only are we confronting the need to modify our language and images to convey the new demands of our new cosmology, along with the demands for a greater epistemological rectitude, we are bathed in an ocean of equality and grace, that we, every small entity of the world, or creation, are due equal respect.

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