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FāVS Religion News Roundup: Dec. 14

This week you'll learn about Washington's ban on conversion therapy at the U.S. Supreme Court, Black Hebrew Israelites in Montana getting run over, Chabad of Spokane lighting the large menorah downtown Spokane for Chanukah and more.

Spokane Retreat Center Offers Post-Christmas Day of Recollection

Immaculate Heart Retreat Center will be offering a silent post-Christmas Day of Recollection on Jan. 12.

FāVS Forward: Sr. Mary Eucharista, “Hope, Peace & Healing”

In this episode of FāVS Forward we talk with Sr. Mary Eucharista, named after the Holy Eucharist.

Immaculate Heart offers Holy Week Retreats

Immaculate Heart Retreat Center will be holding two retreats for Holy Week titled, "To Die with Him is to Live with Him," led by Rev. Gregory Cleveland of the Archdiocese of Denver.

Upcoming retreat to focus on overcoming trauma

In November Immaculate Heart Retreat Center will host a Silent Day of Prayer on Dealing with Trauma titled, “Orienting Our Lives towards God: Mental and Physical Benefits for Catholic Living.”

Upcoming retreat to focus on anxiety, trauma

This month Immaculate Heart Retreat Center will be holding a 24–hour retreat on relieving anxiety and trauma, titled "Fully Alive: Managing Anxiety with Nature and Grace."

Mini-retreat at Immaculate Heart Retreat Center aims to attract young people

“Silence can often seem like an absence of things; silence sometimes feels empty and heavy,” she said, “but I want people to be able to find silence and find the lightness and the freedom in silence.”

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