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New Catalyst Project Aims to Be ‘Somewhere Between Emergency Shelter and Permanent Independent Housing’

The Catalyst Project is Spokane’s newest emergency housing program with the number of occupants rising. The Catalyst opened its doors on Dec. 8 and is run by Catholic Charities, a non-profit organization, said Dawn Kinder, chief stabilization officer of the Catalyst Project. The building is located in the downtown area of Spokane.

Spokane’s Camp Hope is the center of a political storm

Spokane's Camp Hope, the state's largest encampment, home to nearly 450 people, began as a protest but has become a microcosm of housing and homelessness issues nationwide.

Smile, Revolt and Think Differently About Homelessness in Spokane

Standing before the overwhelming problem of homelessness, I often feel helpless.

World Homeless Day Summit Will Discuss Realities and Solutions to Spokane’s Homelessness

Our community faces growing challenges around the topic of homelessness, and the Union Gospel Mission, Family Promise, and Adult & Teen Challenge have partnered together to host a summit on World Homeless Day to discuss the realities of homelessness and solutions available.

Could Christianity Solve Spokane’s Homelessness?

So how is it that in a town with 256 bible-preaching, God-fearing Christian churches, how do we have such an epidemic of homelessness?

Catholic Charities provides housing to Spokane’s homeless

Rather than following the tradition of giving away services and hoping people change their circumstances, Catholic Charities is giving homes to the homeless.

Downtown Spokane church to host panel on homeless outreach

Downtown church staff have taken notice, and they want to help. Westminster Congregational United Church of Christ, 411 S. Washington St. is hosting a panel discussion on homelessness Sept. 20 from 6 to 8 p.m.

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