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Monday, December 11, 2023

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‘Lose Weight or Die’

I started in February 2022. No more nighttime chips or nuts or those bags of chocolate chips I snuck from the pantry. No more ice cream. Much smaller portions. More fruit and even some veggies. Less pasta. No Friday pizza.

Holding On In The Letting Go In A Pandemic: Not Alone in Isolation

From your hospital bed, you reflect on the child you once were. When you had trouble falling asleep because of everything on your mind, you lay stretched out on your back under the covers.

Holding On In The Letting Go In A Pandemic: Bound and Free

It is hard to know when to let life’s moments unfold by accepting what is happening or when to take matters into your own hands and try to change the circumstances.

Ask A Religion Scientist: Stance on Health

The ability each person is given is there to help create a better world, a doctor, acupuncturist, psychologist, or other medical professional may be present to assist physical healing and insurance companies may be used to assist in the payment of those bills.

Gonzaga Lecture to Address Social Relationships on Health

On Feb. 28 Sarah Arpin, Gonzaga University assistant professor of psychology, will discuss “Better Relationships for Better Health” in a public lecture.

Meet Kimberly Burnham

SpokaneFAVS is pleased to welcome Dr. Kimberly Burnham to its team of writers. Burnham, who holds her PhD inIntegrative Medicine, is a brain health expert

At 77, Pope Francis keeps a busy pace, and aides keep their fingers crossed

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Church leaders welcome the reforms and fresh air that Pope Francis is bringing to an often dysfunctional institution. But at 77, they just want him to have the stamina to keep it up.

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