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Friday, July 12, 2024

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My Journey through Homelessness Part Four: Body Armor

We need to stop mandating people who live outside to housing in situations they would not choose of their own free will. We need to stop focusing on “getting them housed” and start accepting that people have a right to sleep outside on public land, and that homelessness may well be here to stay. 

Finding Gratitude at Harvest Time

Driving in late August from Spokane to our Heyburn State Park cabin in Plummer, then down to Moscow, I was struck once again by the incredible beauty of the Inland Northwest during harvest-time.

Ask a Hindu: Remaining Friends Forever

Are there any rules, customs or traditions in the Hindu religion or culture that specify you "must" remain friends with someone who has been helpful to you, no matter what?

Thankfulness enhances my life

Being thankful really does change things. Because it’s a spiritual awareness, it’s pausing to recognize the good in our lives and all around us and learning to keep that perception at the forefront of our minds.

Where Do You Find Your Sacraments?

Who, what or where are those sacraments in my life? Can I identify the outward and visible signs of an inward and spiritual grace that are manifest in my daily existence? How do they function to transform me and my interactions with the wider-world?

A friend’s cancer diagnosis is a reminder to show gratitude

My friends have shown me so much good-heartedness, and now with this news, I found myself wondering how I’ve shown my gratitude for them, and how I’ve returned their kindness.

Gratitude: A Transformation, Not a Transaction

Did you ever consider that “gratitude” and “grace” come from the same root word? Gratia in Latin and Kharis in Greek.

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