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Ask an Evangelical: How do people deal with a crisis of faith?

Navigating a crisis of faith from "Ask an Evangelical": Explore how people can deal with doubts and find answers in times of uncertainty.

Super Bowl LVIII: Inside Sin City’s Christian Quarterback Duel

The Feb. 11 Super Bowl showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers may be contested at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas — known as Sin City — but it will feature two very pious quarterbacks. 

Don’t Go into a Relationship — or Institution — Thinking You Can Change Them

One thing I’ve found myself saying to students repeatedly over the years is, “Don’t go into a relationship hoping the other person will change for you.” Only in fairy tales do frogs turn into princes or old hags into maidens with true love’s kiss.

Ask an Evangelical: How Do You Define ‘Evangelical’?

I consider myself Evangelical, meaning one who shares the gospel of Jesus. Do you share this definition?

Anthea Butler exposes racism in white evangelicalism in recent book

In “White Evangelical Racism: The Politics of Morality in America,” Butler packs a historical punch in this short, but mighty, 150-page book with erudite and efficient language. In it, she carefully, and for the most part, fairly, exposes the racist root of what is mostly known as American Christianity today.

Local Christian Leaders Call Christian Nationalism a “Heresy” and an Aberration of Historic Christianity

Add to that the biblical concept found in 1 Peter 4:17—that judgement must first begin at the house of God—and you have a crescendo of voices trying to work their way through the unholy syncretism of “God and Country” in America, otherwise known as Christian nationalism. This is not just a national movement, either, as Spokane-area Christian pastors and leaders are adding their voices to this mix.

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