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Faith-Themed Legislative Conference on Jan. 27 Aims to Help Better Spokane

This year’s Eastern Washington Legislative Conference entitled “Renewing Hope for the Future” will feature workshops on various issues that may help Spokane to better itself and its greater surrounding area.

We All Make Choices. How Will We Respond to Climate Change?

When the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its five-year report, “Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability” two weeks later, response was instant.

Can Shared Understanding Lead to a Better World?

Creation myths reflect shared understanding of Earth’s natural bounties when people recognized their dependence on their surroundings.

It’s Earth Day, Not Heady Art

Earth Day, on the other hand, is all about solving one of the planet’s worst problems of all time…pollution.

Religions At the Crossroads of Politics and the Environment

Members of certain religions often subscribe to political ideologies about the environment. Why are politicizing something we all live on?

Pope Francis says care of environment a new ‘work of mercy’

Pope Francis has called for urgent action to stop climate change, saying care of the environment should be added to the traditional works of mercy such as feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless.

Eco-authenticity: advocating for a low-carbon world while living a high-carbon lifestyle

George Marshall, in his book Don’t Even Think About It, describes the inner conflict, depression and guilt that many scientists feel “as they struggle to square what they know about the impacts of high-carbon lifestyles with the pressure to conform to a society where those lifestyles are not just encouraged but also often required as a mark of social belonging.”

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