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Miley Cyrus and America’s double standard

If you didn't have anything better to do Sunday night, like watch Duck Dynasty or read the latest funny Amazon product reviews, you may have been doing what 10.1 million other American viewers were doing around 9 pm EST: watching the Video Music Awards.

About the time cute little Miley Cyrus jumped out of the mouth of the Pedobear wearing her animal unitard, your jaw may have dropped a little.

‘The Butler’ evokes memories, highlights crucial part of history

The least important thing about the smashing film "The Butler" is the likelihood that Forest Whitaker will be walking away with an Oscar because of it, and that Oprah will get back to doing one of the things she does best, acting.

Walter White and the Gospel According to ‘Breaking Bad’

Wither Walter White?

How the morality tale of a cancer-stricken chemistry teacher who transforms himself (first by desperation and then through sheer hubris) into a cold-blooded, Machiavellian drug kingpin will end is what legions of fans of AMC’s Emmy-winning “Breaking Bad” want to know.

Some truth here, but also hyperbole

I can see how one might think that reality television presents a skewed view of reality.

“Hell on Wheels” and its portrayal of Mormons

While I certainly don’t think Mormons are the only religious group shown in a negative light in popular media, I’ll freely admit to being sensitive to the way my religious heritage is portrayed. Perhaps that’s because the depictions are so rarely positive.

This past weekend, the AMC show “Hell on Wheels” premiered its third season.

In my day, we left our chariots unlocked

How Reality TV is ruining the next generation sounds like a great concept for a Reality TV show. Get a bunch of 20-somethings, representative of different demographics, a suburban kid, an urban kid, an atheist, an evangelical Christian and a mixture of all ethnic groups, and make sure they are all Hollywood gorgeous

Should you listen to anti-folk music?

Perhaps it’s a good idea to stay away from anything with a subversive label such as anti-folk, but you might want to make an exception with "All the Rowboats" by Regina Spektor. The song carries all the musical seriousness of folk music, but with a lighthearted, even sarcastic message. Spektor, a Russian-born pianist, might be referring to works by the American realist artist Winslow Homer

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