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As ‘Jericho Marchers’ descend on Washington, local faith leaders brace for attacks

'Jericho Marchers' sang 'How Great Is Our God' as they processed around the U.S. Capitol holding Trump signs and waving Trump flags.

Empathy may be hard after Election Day, but it will bring us closer together

On Nov. 7, when it was announced Joe Biden was President-elect, like most of my friends, I was elated. I was also troubled.

Dear President-Elect Biden: Heal the country. Pardon Trump

If I’m being honest, I justified my misgivings and uncertainty by focusing it all on one man, your soon-to-be predecessor. In my fear and anger, I found it was easier for me to spend the last four years building his political gallows than to building bridges for our country’s moral infrastructure.

Exit polls show few changes in the religious vote

Exit polls conducted with voters by Edison Research for the National Election Pool and by AP VoteCast show that white evangelicals and Catholics changed their minds very little from 2016.

Election Day Blues

When did we start to seriously concern ourselves with the 2020 presidential election? For me, it was the morning after the 2016 election.

In the Days Before the Presidential Election, Some Spokane Ministers Encourage Crossing the Line Between Faith and Politics

Shedlock and other Spokane ministers said they believe faith and politics can intertwine in ways that lead to good results for individuals, communities, churches and the nation.

Letter to the Editor: Calling for Election Integrity

We, the undersigned organizations, are coming together to prepare for a post-election response to keep our community safe and make sure everyone’s rights are respected, voices are heard, and votes are counted.

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