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Thankfulness enhances my life

Being thankful really does change things. Because it’s a spiritual awareness, it’s pausing to recognize the good in our lives and all around us and learning to keep that perception at the forefront of our minds.

Gratitude: A Transformation, Not a Transaction

Did you ever consider that “gratitude” and “grace” come from the same root word? Gratia in Latin and Kharis in Greek.

Famed Christian Author Diana Butler Bass Coming to Moscow Church

Diana Butler Bass, a leading voice in progressive Christianity, will be in Moscow, Idaho this month to lead a conference on gratitude.

Diana Butler Bass grounds herself in nature and finds God

Her latest book, “Grounded: Finding God in the World, a Spiritual Revolution,” champions a return to nature and an embrace of hospitality. It also begs a frequent question, “Where is God?”

The Christian blogosphere’s been busy

The Christian blogosphere has been busy these last few days, as one of us after another has weighed in on Ross Douthat’s New York Times Article, “Can Liberal Christianity be Saved?” Some of the reflections have been insightful — see, in particular, Diana Butler Bass’ argument that Douthat has misread the data and, thereby, incorrectly confined a broad decline in American Christianity to certain denominations.

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