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Both my parents are of Protestant tradition but two different denominations


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Both my parents are of Protestant tradition but two different denominations, a Methodist and a Baptist. As a family we participated in the Baptist church where I heard often that “believers” were to be yoked with other believers. It was a challenge to imagine being with someone from another denomination, much less another faith tradition!

Through the years I’ve come to appreciate the variety of spiritual traditions, and while my relationship is not an exact mirror of my beloved’s, there are threads of similarity and difference that are strengths I believe in how we live in the world as individuals, a couple, and as a family. I think it’s important to be respectful and open to the sacred in and through us all, something that actually makes my parents smile instead of cringe and worry that I’ve fallen off the Baptist path!

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Tracy Simmons
Tracy Simmons
11 years ago

Thanks for sharing Marj!

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