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Nick Gier

Nick Gier lives in Moscow, Idaho. He holds a doctorate in philosophical theology from the Claremont Graduate University. His major professors were James M. Robinson, New Testament scholar and editor of the Gnostic Gospels, and John B. Cobb, the world’s foremost process theologian. He taught in the philosophy department at the University of Idaho for 31 years. He was coordinator of religious studies from 1980-2003. He has written five books and over 70 articles and book chapters. Read his articles on religion at nfgier.com/religion. He's enjoyed two sabbaticals and one research leave in India for a total of 22 months in that country. He can be reached at [email protected].

The Principles of War and Moscow’s Christ Church

A critical examination of the ideology and actions of Doug Wilson's Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, raising concerns over their militant evangelism tactics, vision of a Christian theocratic state, controversial book defending slavery, and contradictory stances on biblical interpretations of slavery. The column contrasts the church's claims of being 'good neighbors' with incidents like the 'De-Mask Moscow' storming of a local store and plagiarism allegations, leaving doubts among residents about their true intentions for the community.

The Embryo, the Image of God and Justice Tom Parker

Nick Gier writes about the recent Alabama Supreme Court decision to grant frozen embryos the same rights as children and the theological and judicial implications of that decision.

India Is One Step Closer to a Hindu Theocracy

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former President Donald Trump are hyper-nationalists and Islamophobes. Both push fear-driven campaigns based on historical grievances and aversion to foreign religions and ethnicities. A militant Hindu monk has been elected to lead India’s largest state, and he is rabidly anti-Muslim.

Palestinian Christians in Bethlehem Did Not Celebrate Christmas This Year

Because of the war in Gaza, there was no Christmas in Bethlehem this year. Leaders from all the Palestinian churches cancelled public celebrations. There was no Christmas tree, no decorations in Manger Square, no Christmas parade and no Baba Noel delivering gifts to children.

Let’s Follow Jefferson’s Lead and Redact the Bible

Some Christians admit that there are stories in the Bible that are not appropriate for children. They do not, however, suggest ways to keep youth from reading these accounts of sexual violence and other atrocities. I suggest that these passages be redacted just as Thomas Jefferson deleted parts of the New Testament.

The Evil in This World: Divine Power, Freewill & Evil

In his book “Omnipotence and Other Theological Mistakes,” process theologian Charles Hartshorne argues that the doctrine that God causes all things and events is a projection of the worship of all-powerful rulers. Alfred North Whitehead, the other great process philosopher agrees: “The deeper idolatry, of fashioning God in the image of the Egyptian, Persian, and Roman imperial rulers, was retained. The Church gave unto God the attributes which belonged exclusively to Caesar.”

Racial Reparations: Faith Communities and Political Action

In their infamous booklet "Southern Slavery as It Was," Doug Wilson of Moscow Idaho, and Steve Wilkins wrote: “There has never been a multi-racial society which has existed with such mutual intimacy and harmony in the history of the world.” The clear implication of this statement (yet to be retracted) is that Americans owe nothing to the descendants of these happy plantation workers.

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