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Will ‘smart clothes’ bring us closer to God?


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With the immense popularity of Facebook and smart phones, corporations have jumped into hyper-drive for the next big thing. The rewards are immense, as we’ve seen with the success of Apple. So what will it be? One possibility is smart clothes, that is, electronics woven into articles of clothing. These might include the Google glasses, smart pants, interactive shirts, or maybe even thought helmets for direct mind-to-mind communication. My question for the good people of SpokaneFAVS: Do you think all these new inventions will bring us closer together, and ultimately closer to God?

From what I can gather, there seem to be two different schools of thought. One side has a similar approach to the Luddites of the Industrial Revolution, and even the monasteries and convents of the Middle Ages.  Modern gadgets are distractions that get in the way of face-to-face communication with each other.  Text messages interrupt deep conversation, and cell phones create shallow, distant relationships. They might even detract from our spirituality. Just like the monks of old, we come closer to God by going to our closet, shutting the door, and praying in solitude and silence. 

But I’ve also caught strands of a different sort on SpokaneFAVS. Another side says community is important to religion. What if smart shirts can help us understand our neighbor’s mood before we speak with them? What if smart pants can tell us if a church member is nearby? Or what if we could bypass speech entirely, and know each other directly through our thoughts? Some say God is found in community. If that’s true, then perhaps technology can bring us closer together, and ultimately closer to God?

What do you think? As technology races ahead, is it good or bad for your religion?

Bruce Meyer
Bruce Meyerhttp://www.dominsions.com
Bruce Meyer writes about the relationship between the physical universe and the pursuit of spirituality.


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11 years ago

Sabrina, on Facebook said:

“I just skimmed the article, but that’s interesting – I think the whole issue with technology is that it can easily distract us from meaningful things. However, for me, at least, a very important thing is to constantly be mindful of God (appreciating His beautiful creation, paying attention to my thoughts and actions/interactions with others, etc.), and if technology makes it easier for me to relate to my fellow human beings in a positive and more-deeply-connected way, then it might be a good thing (inshaAllah).”

11 years ago

Good insights Sabrina- It could be both a good or bad thing, depending on how the technology is used.

Sam Gagliardi
Sam Gagliardi
11 years ago

Interesting…I agree that technology enables more networking, and I think it’s a good thing for us to understand/communicate with others, but surely that puts us even more in the real world…the idea of this kind of smart clothing fascinates me, it’s either too much and might distract us even more from important things or, simply ingenious…I can’t make my mind up

11 years ago

I agree Sam, I’m both excited about it and worried about what’s coming.

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