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The Difference Between Protestant and Non-Denominational Church


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The Difference Between Protestant and Non-Denominational Church

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When it comes to the differences between the non-denominational church and the protestant church. You will find not one but many variances and dissimilarities. If you want to know in detail. Read this blog till the end. 

Differences Between Protestant and Non-Denominational Church

Difference #1: First difference is the main one that sets protestant and non-denominational churches apart. Protestant churches are one of the three subdivisions of Christianity. However, the non-denominational churches are a part of protestant churches without highlighting denominations. It means these churches are not tied with any kind of organization. 

Difference #2: Even the meaning of the “protestant” is to “hold or bear witness”. But the “non-denominational” refers to the point that the current churches as in the protestant ones are not linked with historic denominations. By that, they mean Assemblies of God, Methodism, or even Baptist are obsolete and not connected with non-denominational churches. 

Difference #3: Even though some chapters and certain sermons are outside the Bible. But they hold significance. For example, we have Martin Luther’s sermons, Nicene Creed, etc. On the other hand, non-denominational churches hold conservative evangelicalism important. 

Difference #4: Protestant churches take scripture high and above everything. For Protestants, the Bible is the inspiration and serves the church’s tradition. However, when we talk about non-denominational churches, they are mostly conservative. But at the same time, these churches use statements from the Scripture. They don’t put it high above everything though! 

Difference #5: Protestants have faith in three persons and call it the Trinity – Holy Spirit, the Father, and Son. Interestingly, non-denominational churches believe in Trinitarianism. So, there is no difference on this side of the belief system. 

Difference #6: Last but not least, the difference between protestant and non-denominational churches relies on salvation. However, protestants have faith in the salvation which comes through Jesus Christ. Protestants come in different forms – Baptists, Arminians, and Calvinists. Non-denominational churches are usually Calvinists or Arminian. They can’t be Lutherans.

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Elina Brooks
1 year ago

Thank you for explaining to us that non-denominational churches are the ones that are not tied to any kind of organization but are still a part of Protestant churches. I recently moved to Richmond with my family, so we’re looking for a new church to go to from now on. I’ll have to start looking for non-denominational Christian church services in the area.

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