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Ask An Eastern Orthodox Christian: Triune God

One reason why our Christian God is triune would be to allow the condition for God to be love.

Ask An Eastern Orthodox Christian: Trinitarian Theology

Is the Father the source of the other two persons' being God as well? If this is so, is this not a different explanation from the Protestant and Catholic understanding of the Trinity, the main point being the energies/essence distinction? I know it’s a lot but isn’t salvation a lot?

Ask An Eastern Orthodox Christian: Triune God

God implies the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. God reveals himself to us in this paradoxical belief.

Literalism Attacks Tradition

Truth becomes a pivot point on which our lives revolve. We meditate on truth to build a life. God advises to be still and know God and when we do we find a deeper truth.

Trinity Teachings Gone Missing

One of the doctrines of the church that seems to be ignored is the Trinity.

Meat & Potatoes: Explaining the Trinity

Assistant Professor Karen Petersen Finch, of Whitworth University, answers different questions about the Trinity in this multi-part video.

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