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The Spread of the Baha’i Faith Began in a Garden 160 Years Ago

As religions go, the Baha’i Faith is a youngster. It began in May 1844, when a young merchant in Shiraz, Persia (now Iran), announced he fulfilled Muslim prophecies associated with the end times. Known today as the Bab, he prophesied the imminent advent of one greater than himself.

A Stroke of Good Luck, and Much More

Ten days ago Jolie was making lunch in the kitchen. Then she wasn’t. “Peter, I need you,” she said from a chair in another room. I found her slumped sideways in the recliner. “I’ve got a splitting headache behind my right eye.”

Spokane’s religion wrap-up: Abbey garden, Muslim pop star, parent’s weekend and the Báb

Perhaps you’ve noticed we have a cool new feature on our site called Where We Worship. This is where we profile places of worship in Spokane, hence the name.

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