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Update on the SpokaneFAVS Independence Fund

SpokaneFAVS is ready to move to its next phase, however we need the promised pledges to do so. To date the Independence Fund is short $2,020.

I Am SpokaneFAVS

SpokaneFAVS is community. We come together — online and offline — to share our views. We come together to learn about the belief systems of others

SpokaneFAVS now accepts PayPal payments

If you pledged, or would like to pledge to the SpokaneFAVS Independence Fund, you can now pay online with your credit card. Just click the link below!

I Am SpokaneFAVS Founding Member

SpokaneFAVS would like to thank the Elfert Family for being Founding Members of SpokaneFAVS! Generosity like theirs is helping the SpokaneFAVS Independence Fund make...

Pledge your support to the SpokaneFAVS Independence Fund

That means, though, that it's fundraising time. We need to raise $10,000 for initial start-up costs.

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