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Spokane Public Radio: FāVS Promotes Respectful Dialogue at Today’s Coffee Talk

The group Spokane Faith and Values is trying to promote a constructive dialogue on polarizing issues such as religion. The organization will conduct the next in its series of “coffee talks” on Saturday morning.

FāVS on Spokane Public Radio: One View of Reparations

Today on the Inland Journal podcast, FāVS Columnist Mark Azzara, who recently penned, "Reparations? Yes, for all!" shares his view on the debate about reparations.

FāVS and SPR Episode 4: Purity Culture

This Inland Journal episode examines the purity culture. That’s the movement whereby unmarried, but committed couples agree to stay sexually pure until they take their vows.

PODCAST: A Spokane Christian Book Store Is Hanging On

Today on the Inland Journal podcast, it’s not an easy time for independent, locally-owned bookstores. Amazon and the chain bookstores have gobbled up much...

FāVS and SPR Episode 3: Agreeing to Disagree

This Inland Journal episode previews tomorrow's Coffee Talk, with special guests Neal Schindler and Matthew Williams.

FāVS and SPR Episode 2: Methodist Gay Clergy Vote Splits Denomination

On this episode of FāVS and the Inland Journal we discuss the Methodist Church Clergy vote on LGBT issues.

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