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Southern Baptists don’t get votes to add ‘only men’ pastors language to constitution

Find out why the proposed change in Southern Baptist Convention constitution to allow women pastors in the did not receive the required two-thirds majority.

Some Baptists Debate About Women Preaching, Others Listen to Women Preach

Much ink and many pixels were devoted to the SBC’s debates on women in ministry, but people looked the other way as women preached at other Baptist gatherings. If women preaching at Baptist meetings isn’t newsworthy, then neither is a debate about them.

Meet Natalie Drew: Christian, Trans Woman, Veteran and Pacifist

Though openly LGBTQ affirming, Natalie Drew is a member of the Christian Reformed Church, a denomination that voted in 2022 and again in 2023 to codify its opposition to homosexual sex. But Drew, a lesbian, has no plans to leave her congregation.

Ouster of Saddleback and Fern Creek from SBC over women pastors is affirmed

Saddleback, whose case was argued by founding pastor and best-selling author Rick Warren, had been ousted for naming a woman to its pastoral team.

SBC Executive Committee Chair: seeking ‘to make a wrong right’

‘I think the one thing that surprised me more than anything was the list,’ said Slade of a recently revealed list of convicted abusers.

The Body Of Christ Is Betrayed: Reflections On Sexual Abuse In The SBC

The church is the body of Christ. The body is hiding— broken, bleeding, bruised and scarred. Someone who promised to care and feed her ate her instead.

How the ‘apocalyptic’ Southern Baptist report almost didn’t happen

Lyell, a former vice president for Lifeway Christian Resources, the Southern Baptist publisher, whose life and career fell apart after she made her abuse experience public, doubts anything will change, even after the report. Lyell supported the abuse investigation but said it revealed only the tip of the iceberg.

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