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Activists Sue Idaho Over ‘Abortion Trafficking’ Travel Ban

A coalition of reproductive-rights advocates is suing the state of Idaho over a new law banning interstate travel related to abortion, arguing the law violates constitutional protections for free speech and travel.

New WA Bill Gives Minors Safer Access to Gender and Reproductive Care While Unhoused

The recent passage of SB 5599 — a Washington Senate bill that supports minors who need shelter and are seeking protected healthcare services — awaits Governor Jay Inslee’s signature.

“Be like Jesus”: Spokane residents rally for abortion, reproductive rights

Abortion is not an easy choice, and many people have been traumatized by it, Williamson said, but autonomy is what's most important — for both men and women.

Talking women’s health, religion, on International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women's Day this year (today) I looked up research on the intersection between women's health and religion.

Why I Am Prochoice: A Journey of Faith

How does a person who grew up in the Deep South, who as a teenager joined one of the most conservative denominations in the U.S., who was educated in a religious college and seminary, who was ordained in that conservative denomination decades ago, and who has served in ministry for 50 years find himself to be not only prochoice, but a feminist?

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