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The Leak

Most American women, born in the post-Roe world, will now face a reality that sent their mothers and grandmothers to illegal abortion providers before the 1973 court decision.

Can a Christian Be Pro-Choice?

So, how do pro-choice Christians understand personhood differently than pro-life Christians who advocate that the fetus’ personhood begins at conception or when the egg is fertilized by the sperm?

Advocating, Life, Choice and Realistic Solutions

This is a point that polarizes both pro-life and pro-choice advocates and keeps them staunchly at odds, incapable of being able to move forward in finding any semblance of common ground to address the true complexities of the issue.

Americans prefer ‘pro-choice’ label by biggest margin in seven years

Despite Americans’ shifting opinions on a range of moral and ethical issues, abortion foes have been encouraged by numbers showing that opposition to abortion rights appeared to have resisted serious slippage, and was even gaining traction.

Why I Am Prochoice: A Journey of Faith

How does a person who grew up in the Deep South, who as a teenager joined one of the most conservative denominations in the U.S., who was educated in a religious college and seminary, who was ordained in that conservative denomination decades ago, and who has served in ministry for 50 years find himself to be not only prochoice, but a feminist?

As the world mourns Nelson Mandela, abortion foes protest

(RNS) As world leaders and ordinary citizens gathered to remember Nelson Mandela, abortion foes objected in blistering tones to his support for a sweeping abortion rights law they said negates any good the anti-apartheid leader achieved.

Satanists decry pro-abortion ‘Hail Satan’ chant as ‘diabolical’

The contentious abortion debate in Texas took a bizarre twist on Tuesday when abortion supporters attempted to drown out anti-abortion activists with chants of "hail Satan."  But, Life News reported Thursday, a Twitter account run by actual Satanists decried the chants, calling them "diabolical."

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