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Friday, July 12, 2024

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Navigating Election Misinformation

Election Day is a week away. As is typical, we are drowning in election information – and misinformation – as the we near the finish line of campaigns that began the day after the 2020 national election.

Politics of Hope, Part 1

Like most of us watching the news recently, I was shocked and horrified by the shootings in the Uvalde school on May 24th. In a country numb from hundreds of shootings, I was surprised I could still feel anything about them at all.

The Cheney Vote: Courage and Cowardice

Profiles in courage. Profiles in cowardice. Last week’s vote by Republican representatives to oust Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney from a key leadership post produced both.

If the Public Wants Justice: A Follow-up with Senator Maria Cantwell

What started as an article suggesting the need for a change in the federal Impeachment process, has morphed into a look at how Americans ‘may’ be treated when they reach out to their federal elected officials. My first follow-up was with Sen. Patty Murray and now it’s on to the other Senator from Washington, Maria Cantwell.

We Are Broken

Most of us may be tempted to ridicule Congressional freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) for her insane QAnon loyalties. But those of us who remain somewhat rooted in the real world need to take her, and the threats she poses, far more seriously.

“Politics Is Local”

Half the country breathed a sigh of relief at noon Wednesday. My social media feeds blew up with visceral expressions of that relief – emotional, heartfelt, teary.

Political Genetics

Is there a genetics to politics?

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