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Planned Parenthood and the Everlasting Hatred

Since the first clinic arson incident in 1976 in Eugene, Ore., Planned Parenthood has been under attack.

Ted Cruz enlists evangelicals with campaign against Planned Parenthood

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is waging a campaign to defund Planned Parenthood, an effort involving pastors, sermons and fasting that the Texas senator insists isn’t political.

Matt Shea, Godwin’s Law, and playing the “Jewish card”

I considered it manipulative to “play the Jewish card” — that is, to bring one’s Jewishness into a political conversation to heighten the emotionality of the discussion

Commentary on the Media Discourse Surrounding Abortion and Social Class

We as a nation need to have a serious talk about how the various discourses on what constitutes personhood are enforced in the context of class, sexuality and desire. And Americans rarely talk class. But it's there. Class affects our sexuality and desires, our humanity and personhood from pre-birth, to birth, to death. Now it's also addressing "When does life start?"

Lions, Eugenics & Babies Oh My!

My reading has been juxtaposed with Cecil the poached Lion story and the Planned Parenthood baby parts trafficking expose by the Center for Medial Progress.

Anti-abortion group is sued over fetal tissue videos

An anti-abortion group that released videos purporting to show Planned Parenthood staff discussing the illegal sale of aborted fetal tissue has been sued by a group of abortion providers claiming that the campaign violates its members' privacy and threatens their safety.

Planned Parenthood and Finding the Truth in the Midst of Confusion

A great deal of our information that comes from media sources has either been distorted or written in such a way that leaves the hearer or reader wondering about its veracity. The most recent release of videos and written information about Planned Parenthood certainly falls into that category.

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