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Jerusalem Cross Gardening: A Compass for Inner Transformation

The Jerusalem-cross-raised-bed with its four quadrants facing West, North, East and South — each representing one of nature's four seasons (fall, winter, spring and summer) and one of the four Christian Gospels (Matthew, Mark, John and Luke/Acts). These serve as a compass for a journey of inner transformation.

‘New Story Spokane Festival’ Presents a New Way of Looking at Climate Change

The “New Story Spokane Festival” runs May 19 – 20 at GU’s Hemmingson Center (702 E. Desmet Ave.) The two-day festival — which is set up as a sort of “banquet” for participants to consume information on these ideas — will feature speakers and breakout sessions on a variety of topics that include sustainable agriculture, ecological restoration, green building, resource efficiency, social equity, cultural preservation and much more.

“How Not to Be Afraid” Author Gareth Higgins to Speak in Spokane on Fear, Storytelling and Community

Higgins said it’s through recognizing fear and using stories to tell ourselves and others about how those fears impact us that helps us deal with fear. Rather than leading to fighting, running or paralysis, it can positively motivate us in a new direction.

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