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Conflict in the Holy Land: How We Can Provide Hope in the Rubble

The Very Rev. Heather VanDeventer, the Dean of St. John's Cathedral, writes about her reaction to the loss of life and the destruction in the Holy Land of both Israelis and Palestinians and what Episcopalians and others can do to help give hope.

The Holy Land We Remember

I first walked Palestine Park in 1953 as a teenager. It’s a soccer-field-sized scale model of the Holy Land, sculpted in 1874 along the southwestern shore of Chautauqua Lake in upstate New York.

‘Holy War’ Is the Ultimate Oxymoron

The war raging in the Holy Land isn’t holy. Like all wars, it horrifies us. Wars throughout the Middle East, occasionally clad in a peek-a-boo veil of “holy war,” have for millennia been secular.

The Holy Land Bleeds … Again

Hamas will get the lethal and swift response from the overwhelming Israeli forces, but what about the Palestinian civilians living in Gaza without shelter, electricity, fuel, food or any medical aid? Who will give them swift justice?

Because He Loves You: My Journey to the Holy Land Ends in Bethlehem

it's time to conclude my "Because He loves you: my journey to the Holy Land" series. This time I will take you to the beautiful city of Bethlehem.

Because He Loves You: My Journey to the Western Wall

The Western Wall or the Kotel is the most significant place for the Jewish people all around the world.

Because He Loves You: My Journey to the Holy Land

I will share my spiritual journey in parts to the holiest places on earth for the monotheistic religions, Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Baha’i.

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