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Selfless, Intentional Love Teaches Me to ‘Abstain from Taking What Is not Given’

Last year my partner and I bought a house together and for the past nine months have been crossing DIY improvement projects off our list. Doing these projects together is helping us grow as a couple, and I’m grateful, but there’s one task that puts me in a bad mood without fail — painting. I’d rather get a root canal.

Tithing and God’s calling to give

I don’t know why there is often such a hang-up about money and finances when we look at the church.

16 New Testament guiding principles on giving

In our church we teach principles in giving instead of tithing.

Why money is an impoverished metric of generosity

Generosity isn’t just about the money. Indeed, I would argue that it is increasingly apparent that giving can take many worthy forms other than writing checks.

Review: “The Most Good You Can Do” Challenges Readers To Think Deeper About Charitable Giving

According to Singer, two-thirds of donors do no research before sending a check. He encourages potential givers to consult organizations that evaluate charities to determine which are the most effective in producing measurable results.

What the Bible says about Christians and money

It never ceases to amaze me the ways in which we Christians can and do ignore biblical teachings about money and wealth and rationalize our behaviors. It seems to me that the Bible is pretty clear on this subject.

Of cliffs and widows

Do you believe in the fiscal cliff? No really. Do you believe in this much-feared, all-consuming, cliff of economic doom?
It is stewardship season in many churches. Odd, really, that talk of stewardship is confined to a single season or even a single Sunday.

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