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Ask a Muslim: Will Allah Forgive My Mistakes?

The scholars says that it is the most hopeful verse in the Qur’an. Allah (SWT) acknowledges and addresses those who have excessed and tells them that, even if you have transgressed, do not despair His mercy. Just seek forgiveness with sincerity.

Don’t forgive them for they know exactly what they do

What we saw at the Capitol last week is what happens when we forgive people who aren’t sorry.

Forgiveness and Compassion Come with Rules. Those Rules Have Been Broken.

Let me be frank: in order to have a society where forgiveness and compassion and pluralism exist, there are basic ground rules that must be agreed upon before this can take place. The first being the rule of law and the second being respect for the democratic process.

Sometimes Civility Is A Luxury

If we want a civil discussion, it is up to us to bring an educated view to the table.

We Need Justice and Forgiveness

First, forgiveness and seeking justice are not the same thing. While they are both other-regarding and virtuous, there are important differences.

Ask a Jew: What do modern religious Jews do about the issue of atonement for sins?

The destruction of the Second Temple by Roman forces in 70 AD ended the era of animal sacrifices in Judaism.

Ask A Buddhist: On Forgiveness

However, they are two distinctly different activities. While forgiveness is prized across spiritual traditions—and in psychology as well—forgetting may not be wise.

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