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A 147-year-old dispute between church and state spills onto a school playground

Why do so many state constitutions have provisions preventing funding for religious schools? The history is complicated.

Adopt-a-school initiative gains popularity with Spokane churches

A movement is appearing throughout the United States and is taking hold here in Spokane. Churches are stepping into schools and building partnerships that aim to improve the lives of individual students and entire communities.

Whitworth president responds to petition for “sanctuary campus”

"I call on members of the Whitworth community to rally around all students, staff and faculty – regardless of nationality or status – with prayer, love and support. That's the Whitworth way."

Support: You Keep Using That Word. I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means.

The responsibility to educate doesn’t only fall on the heads of your Muslim, Jewish, brown, immigrant, disabled, LGBTQ friends. We need you!

Book shows challenges, frustrations of winning student, parent and educator support

Her new book, “The Bridge to Brilliance,” chronicles the challenges and frustrations of winning the support of students, parents and educators in a new public school, which added grades seven and eight in the second and third years.

Faith and Film – Disconnecting

Like many Americans, I am guilty of having more TVs in my house than I really need and I also confess to spend more hours looking at my iPhone than I probably should.

Part of education is learning different perspectives

We enter classrooms to learn and grow — not to stay stagnant. But to learn and grow, we have to think beyond ourselves and our limited thinking.

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