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Spokane’s Opioid Emergency: Religious Organizations Adapt to Aid Addiction Crisis

Spokane's opioid crisis prompts faith-based organizations to adapt their approach. Learn how Adult and Teen Challenge PNW and local churches are responding to Mayor Brown's state of emergency with Christ-centered programs and community outreach initiatives.

Crosswalk Youth Shelter to move out of downtown Spokane

Volunteers of America (VOA) has announced the Crosswalk Youth Shelter will be breaking ground on a new building near Spokane Community College by the summer of 2023. Opened in 1985, VOA has outgrown the space for the necessary resources to help their young people accomplish their goals and due to predatory risk factors, youth are no longer safe in this area.

The Real Problem With Downtown Spokane

In private meetings, a small group of business owners, developers and interest groups drafted a plan to revitalize downtown. Buildings all over the downtown core were said to be substandard.

Spokane’s downtown bus plaza and the continued war on the poor

If you read the Spokesman-Review last week, you might have seen the alarming news that Spokane Transit Authority put the much needed remodel of the downtown bus plaza on hold.

Please sit and lie

I stroll through downtown every day on my to and from work. My walk is usually pleasant, but jarring.

Mars Hill Church to open satellite campus in Spokane

Mars Hill Church — the Seattle-based megachurch made famous by its rapid expansion, high-tech outreach and its sometimes controversial pastor Mark A. Driscoll — has plans to open its 16th satellite campus in downtown Spokane.

Central UMC

Central United Methodist Church in downtown Spokane.

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