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Yes, Contradictions Exist in the Bible, for They Exist in Ourselves

I know that many conservative Christians believe that the Bible tells one big saving story and work hard to harmonize all its smaller stories and its testimonies. I think a harmonized Bible does not do justice to what it has to offer.

Greetings from a Cesspool of Liberalism

Spokanites (or is it Spokanians?) might not be aware where the dangerous stench is coming from. It arises out of “the cesspool of liberalism” about ninety miles south-south-east of them. This is what Dan Foreman, a newly elected Idaho State Senator, once called “Latah County, particularly the university, [and the] greater Moscow area” (Moscow-Pullman Daily News April 25, 2018). Now he will soon represent this “cesspool” in which I swim.

Swinging a Bat at a Hornet’s Nest

When power is viewed as an all-or-nothing game of brute force, losing even the slightest ground feels like gut-wrenching defeat.

Trying to Stay United in a Divided World

I have to believe that unity must mean something more than one group being right and working tirelessly to get the other group join their side. It has to transcend my own limits as a liberal-leaning Christian, and it has to transcend the limits of conservative Christians as well.

The Church is Messed Up!

Once again, from my right-thinking-sound-doctrine-I’ve-got-it-all-figured-out position of superiority I thought, the church is messed up! And instantly I heard the Holy Spirit say in my heart, “This is my church.”

Conservative Christians packed an electoral punch, but can they do it again in 2016?

Conservative Christians are taking credit for the Republican sweep of the U.S. Senate and GOP victories farther down the ticket in Tuesday’s midterm elections, and they predict they will prevail again in 2016.

America’s Christian conservatives ponder a ‘Babylonian exile’ (ANALYSIS)

From the moment they set foot on North American soil, the Puritans who came to the continent viewed their “errand into the wilderness” through a biblical lens, seeing themselves as modern-day Israelites building a New Jerusalem in the New World.

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