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So many misconceptions about Christianity


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As a Christian, I am irritated by just about every misconception about us. That what we disagree with, we also hate. That we have already judged someone once learning something about them that is less than savory. That we ourselves are kempt and flawless people who are not prone to substance abuse or any other manner of self-destruction. That we follow a blind faith and shun all manner of intellectualism. That we don’t all struggle internally with the same issues that plague the rest of the world. That we don’t know what it’s like to question absolutely EVERYTHING. That we’re more concerned about how much you pray or read your Bible instead of the quality of your life. I could go on.

Eli Sowry
Eli Sowry
Eli Sowry was born and raised in Southwest Ohio and spent the first 18 years of his life there. Today he is a student at Moody Bible Institute-Spokane where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in biblical studies with a minor in psychology.


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