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Idaho Attorney General ‘Defeats Satan’ Over Abortion Rights


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Idaho Attorney General ‘Defeats Satan’ Over Abortion Rights

News Brief | FāVS News

The Satanic Temple (TST) lawsuit against Idaho for its Defense of Life Act was dismissed in the district court with prejudice, Feb. 1. They argued the state of Idaho violated its members’ rights by implementing an abortion ban.

TST specifically sued Attorney General Raúl Labrador and the Ada County Prosecutor, Jan Bennetts, citing the right for its female members to ceremonially abort their babies as part of a satanic ritual as one reason.

This ritual involves the invocation: “‘By my body, my blood, by my will, it is done,’” according to the Attorney General’s press release titled, “Attorney General Labrador Defeats Satan.”

“Idaho’s abortion bans run afoul of the U.S Constitution and Idaho state laws in so many ways that the judiciary would have to be shamelessly corrupt not to recognize one or all of our claims,” said TST Director of Campaign Operations Erin Helian, in a press release on their website.

In Idaho, all abortions are illegal except in cases of rape or incest with a police report or to protect the life of the mother.

When a case is dismissed with prejudice, the claim is not subject to further action other than an appeal to a higher court. TST plans to appeal to the decision with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

“From the start, we knew this battle wouldn’t be easy, and these challenges strengthen our determination. We are preparing to bring our lawsuit to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals as we persist in the fight for our members’ rights – a fight we intend to win,” TST said in a statement on their website.

Cassy Benefield
Cassy Benefield
Cassy (pronounced like Cassie but spelled with a 'y') Benefield is a wife and mother, a writer and photographer and a huge fan of non-fiction. She has traveled all her life, first as an Army brat. She is a returned Peace Corps volunteer (2004-2006) to Romania where she mainly taught Conversational English. She received her bachelor’s in journalism from Cal Poly Technical University in San Luis Obispo, California. She finds much comfort in her Savior, Jesus Christ, and considers herself a religion nerd who is prone to buy more books, on nearly any topic, than she is ever able to read. She is the associate editor of FāVS.News.


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