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VIDEO: Coffee Talk “It Happens There & Hits Us Here: How the Events in DC Affect Our Faith (and non-Faith) Communities”


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VIDEO: Coffee Talk “It Happens There & Hits Us Here: How the Events in DC Affect Our Faith (and non-Faith) Communities”

On Feb. 6 held a Coffee Talk, in which panelists discussed the topic, “It Happens There & Hits Us Here: How the Events in DC Affect Our Faith (and non-Faith) Communities.”

Panelists were:

Register for this event here to obtain the Zoom link prior to the event.

Katie Blair
Katie Blair
Katie Blair is a junior at Gonzaga University studying Business Administration and Leadership Studies. She is working with SpokaneFāVS as part of the Wolff Fellowship, a program dedicated to allowing students to engage with the Spokane community. Blair believes this fellowship is an important part of her journey at Gonzaga University and loves writing for others to read. She also loves to sing in Gonzaga’s choral program and is part of the Gonzaga Women in Business club. After graduating from GU, she plans to work in the commercial advertising industry and/or with NGOs to help make the world a better place.

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[…] FāVS Feb. 6 at 10 a.m. for a virtual Coffee Talk discussion “It Happens There and Hits Us here: How the Events in D.C. Effect our Faith (and […]

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