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Kelly Rae Mathews

Kelly Rae Mathews grew up in culturally and faith diverse San Diego, Calif. during the 70s and 80s before moving to Spokane in 2004. Growing up in a such a diverse environment with amazing people, led Mathews to be very empathetic and open to the insights of many different faiths, she said. She loves science fiction and this also significantly contributed to and influenced her own journey and understanding of faith and values. She agrees with and takes seriously the Vulcan motto, when it comes to faith and life, "Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations." Therefore, it is no surprise she has a degree in anthropology as well as English. She has studied the anthropology of religion and is knowledgeable about many faiths. She completed an anthropological research project on poets of the Inland Northwest, interviewing over two dozen poets, their audiences, friends, family members, and local business community who supported the poetry performances. Mathews gave a presentation on How Poets Build Community: Reclaiming Intimacy from the Modern World at the Northwest Anthropological Conference, at the Eastern Washington University Creative Symposium, the Eastern Washington University Women's Center and the Literary Lunch Symposium put on by Reference Librarian and Poet Jonathan Potter at the Riverfront Campus. She was a volunteer minister in San Diego for about 10 years while attending college and working in various editorial positions. Her articles, poems and short stories have appeared in Fickle Muse, The Kolob Canyon Review, Falling Star Magazine, Acorn, The Coyote Express, The Outpost and Southern Utah University News.

Commentary on the Media Discourse Surrounding Abortion and Social Class

We as a nation need to have a serious talk about how the various discourses on what constitutes personhood are enforced in the context of class, sexuality and desire. And Americans rarely talk class. But it's there. Class affects our sexuality and desires, our humanity and personhood from pre-birth, to birth, to death. Now it's also addressing "When does life start?"

Ben Stuckart on leadership

An email interview about leadership with Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart.

How Faith, Values, Culture Shape Our Leaders & Ourselves: A conversation with Lori Kinnear

Lori has had to worked not just hard, but smarter, to be where she is. She has successfully began and worked on many projects and brought them to fruition, such as the community gardens project. This is one reason many people who have voted for and endorsed Lori, choose to do so – they've seen her quiet, decisive work in action.

How Faith, Values, Culture Shape Our Leaders & Ourselves: A Q&A with LaVerne Biel

Biel strikes me a very sincere person who also has that rare quality seen these days in politics: a reasonable conservative and a non-partisan candidate.

How Faith, Values, Culture Shape Our Leaders & Ourselves: A continued conversation with Waite

John Waite is one of the few candidates in memory to make mental health part of his platform. It is courageous because many people are afraid of mental health issues because they don't take the time to understand what mental illness is or how it affects our community. Ignorance of mental health and how it works has had devastating results all over the country and certainly in Spokane.

How Faith, Values, Culture Shape Our Leaders & Ourselves: A conversation with John Waite

The transformation shows the capacity for creativity, innovation and imagination in Spokane as a city and by individuals in the city. It shows how leaders collaborate together to make something new out of the old via a process of transformation, starting with a dream and then making that dream a reality.

How Faith, Values, Culture Shape Our Leaders & Ourselves: Part 1

Our systems of faith, values and ethics also shape and influence how we choose our leaders and how they lead us. I have asked our leaders how their faith, values and ethics are used in their day to day lives, and am writing an ongoing series about leadership in Spokane.

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