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Jeff Borders

Jeff Borders was born in Spokane, Washington and has lived there since. He is a self published author, focusing in science fiction and fantasy, but he enjoyes writing in all its forms. By trade he is a Respiratory Therapist, but he is also active in his community as a volunteer firefighter, as well as being active in his church. He holds many additional teaching certifications for his fields of employment and he enjoys educating others. Jeff married his wife Crystyne in 2003, and together they have four, very fun and energetic children. His website is www.jeffbordersbooks.com

Minister for a Day

I know what you are thinking, why invite someone from a different faith tradition to be a minister at your church for the day?

Ask A Latter-day Saint: Church Discipline

It is important to note that the purpose of Church discipline is not to punish people, but to facilitate full repentance for someone who has made serious mistakes.

Clean Comedy is Out There, and I will Show you Where

Studio C is a sketch comedy television show, similar in style to Saturday Night Live and Mad TV, but there is one thing that sets Studio C apart. It’s clean comedy.

Ask A Latter-day Saint: Using texts from other faith traditions

While there is no official doctrine on reading books from other faith traditions, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have long been encouraged to seek out learning as a lifetime effort, this often includes reading things beyond our own canonized scriptures or the modern words of our Prophet, Apostles and other Church Leaders.

Parenting is easy

I think there are a few things that we can do as parents, to help our children become the adults we as a society need them to be.

We Need To Bridge the Divide

Satan, the father of misery, doesn’t even have to try to lead us away from each other, we are doing it ourselves. We’ve let the fire of anger grow and spread, until we have lost all control.

Sept. 11 attacks inspire us to serve one another

Later in life, when I became a volunteer firefighter, the attacks at the World Trade Center took on more significance to me and I realized a fulfillment of how that day had really changed my future.

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