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Ask A Jew: What Jewish Communities are in Spokane?


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By Hyphen Parent

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I know Spokane has Temple Beth Shalom. But are there other Jewish communities here as well?

SPO_Ask-a-Jew-ad_042114Temple Beth Shalom is the largest Jewish congregation in Spokane. It’s a liberal egalitarian Conservative congregation. TBS has its own synagogue and education building. The Reform and Orthodox synagogues merged in 1966 to form Temple Beth Shalom making it the oldest Jewish congregation in Spokane.

Congregation Emanu-el is the Reform congregation in Spokane. They have existed in Spokane since 1994. They hold services and events at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Spokane and occasionally use space at Temple Beth Shalom for high holiday services and other events.

Rabbi Yisroel Hahn has lead the Chabad Center of Spokane on the South Hill since 2007. It’s a branch of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, but the center is open to Jews of all branches.

All three communities host services, classes, and events for members and non-members.

Hyphen Parent
Hyphen Parent
Dorothy-Ann Parent (better known as Hyphen) is a writer, a traditional Jew, a seeker of justice, a lover of stories and someone who’s best not left unattended in a bookshop or animal shelter.

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