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Unlikely Feminist: A Male Perspective on Women in the Church

The role of women in the church is one of evolution and change. It should give all of us reason to celebrate when women are recognized as leaders in local congregations and denominations.

Cracks in the ‘stained-glass ceiling’: Women reach prominent pulpits

Chicago. New York. Washington, D.C. In quick succession this year, three women have been chosen to lead historic tall-steeple churches in all these cities.

Deconstructing gendered language and its effects on the church

Emotional forms of ministry have their place, but as a woman in the church I am eager to move beyond the emotional woman stereotype and thus the surface-level understanding of my God-given talents and attributes. Therefore I constantly strive for a hopeful realism that exercises the complicated discipline of holding both cynical and idealist realities together in tension.

Meet Laura Stembridge, our women and gender studies writer

Please welcome Laura Stembridge to our team of writers.

Stembridge is a recent graduate of Gonzaga University where she studied English Literature with a concentration in women's and gender studies.

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