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Monday, December 11, 2023

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10 Tips To Help Pastors Boost Their Twitter Presence

Many people abandon Twitter shortly after opening an account. But if you stick with it, it will bear fruit.

Are #Christian hashtags rallying the faithful or just luring trolls?

Meanwhile, halfway across the country, conservative activist Eric Teetsel was monitoring the same conference from his home in Kansas, firing off 140-character tweets using the conference hashtag, #TRPinDC.

Atheists tweet more often than Muslims, Jews, Christians, study shows

What does a map of the U.S. religious landscape look like in 140 characters? A new study of Twitter finds that self-identified religious users are more likely to tweet to members of their own faith than to members of a different one.

Pastor’s tornado tweets stir up a theological debate

Oklahoma’s devastating tornado stirred up a theological debate that was set off from a series of deleted tweets referencing the Book of Job.

Popular evangelical author and speaker John Piper regularly tweets Bible verses, but two verses he tweeted after the tornado struck some as at best insensitive and at worst bad theology

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