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If the Public Wants Justice, Impeachment Trials Must Change

I still feel the ‘fairness’ of our criminal and civil legal system so far exceeds that of recent presidential impeachment trials, that something must be done if Americans are to have justice fully practiced in future impeachments.

Trump’s 2nd Impeachment – Bipartisan or Bipitiful?

I don’t know the motive behind any congressional official’s vote to impeach President Trump a second time, but I think (and hope) that Americans want justice in matters like this.

Christian leaders call for Day of Prayer in support of impeachment inquiry

More than 90 Christian leaders are calling for a National Day of Prayer this Sunday (Oct. 13) for the truth to be revealed through the impeachment inquiry into whether President Donald Trump solicited help from a foreign government for his 2020 reelection campaign.

Impeachment: the Law, Politics and Faith

The next several months will require us to differentiate between and among the Constitution, the political landscape and our own moral sensibilities about how power is used.

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