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FāVS Religion News Roundup: July 5

Read the region's latest religion news: Cd'A's new 'Hate Crimes' ordinance, CAIR-WA's demand for justice for murdered Afghan teen and more.

Sravasti Abbey’s ‘Explore Buddhism’ retreat helps young adults find peace and confidence

Sravasti Abbey to host young adult retreat this weekend where they will discover new insights, meet like-minded friends and find peace.

Symbolic roof ornaments adorn new Buddha Hall at Sravasti Abbey

Discover the new Buddha Hall at Sravasti Abbey in Newport. Explore the beautiful roof ornaments and traditional Tibetan influences.

FāVS Religion News Roundup: May 17

Get the latest religion news with FāVS. Discover upcoming events, concerts, and talks happening in your area.

Sravasti Monastics and WSU Students Create Holy Mantras For New Meditation Hall

A group of Washington State University students helped create holy mantras, after a day of learning Buddhist practices, that will be sealed inside a Buddha statue for the new meditation hall at the Sravasti Abbey.

Sravasti Abbey Celebrates 20 Years

Celebrating its 20th year, Sravasti Abbey, has evolved from one nun and two cats, into a community of 24 monastics dedicated to learning and practicing Buddha’s ancient teachings.

Ask a Buddhist: What Exactly Is the ‘Bogd’ and His Role?

Last March, the Dalai Lama identified a young Mongolian boy as the Bogd, the 10th incarnation of the spiritual leader of Mongolian Buddhism.

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