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Bills to enhance religion in schools spur fights between faiths

Religious leaders and groups push back against new state laws requiring Ten Commandments displays and chaplains in public schools, sparking debate over separation of church and state.

The Evil in This World: Is It Evil to Lie?

The recent SpokaneFāVS series on “The Evil in this World” may have missed something. Evil is certainly abundant; multiple examples are provided. But how much is focused on what may be the most common evil of all — lying? This simple act ranges from the deliberate whopper to nuanced shading of truth, from military propaganda to religious leaders denying child molestation to rationalization.

It’s a Great Springtime for God!

It’s been a great springtime for God, or actually for God’s followers. Holy days for Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Baha’is overlapped this year. Sadly, these potentially unifying events are observed separately.

Ask An Evangelical: Following the 10 Commandments

if you check out the passage where the Top Ten first appear, it was God telling His people how they should live so I think that still makes them relevant.

Ask an Evangelical: Do you follow the 10 Commandments?

The first time the Ten Commandments are given is in Exodus 20 When God speaks audibly from Mount Sinai to the whole people.

Oklahoma Supreme Court rules Ten Commandments monument must go

The Oklahoma Supreme Court ordered a Ten Commandments monument removed from the state Capitol grounds Tuesday (June 30), three years after its installation sparked a religious feud.

BRIEF: Sandpoint City Council to discuss removing 10 Commandments monument from park

A Farmin Park monument displaying the Ten Commandments in Sandpoint, Idaho might be moved to a new location after complaints from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

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