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Without Failure, I Can’t Step Out of My Comfort Zone

Some months ago I was invited to apply to be part of a speakers bureau for statewide humanities organization. I was honored by the ask. But I’m not a good public speaker.

SpokaneFāVS.com Editor Tracy Simmons’ TEDxSpokane Talk on “The Cult Next Door” Now on YouTube

As we wrote about before, Tracy Simmons is no stranger to cults, and now anyone can watch her TEDxSpokane 2020 talk, “The Cult Next Door,” on YouTube.

Growing during the pandemic has meant taking risks, including ‘public’ speaking

COVID was, and still is, a time to challenge myself – and not just physically.

FāVS Editor Tracy Simmons Speaks on “The Cult Next Door” at Upcoming Virtual TEDxSpokane

Tracy Simmons is no stranger to cults. In fact, she grew up in one but didn’t know it at the time. This is the subject of her upcoming virtual TEDxSpokane 2020 talk on Saturday.

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