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Pub Talk: The Changing Religious Landscape

Join SpokaneFāVS tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. for a Pub Talk discussion on the changing religious landscape.

Pub Talk: Responding to Violence in Modern Culture

If you missed Saturday's Coffee Talk, or want to continue the discussion on "Responding to Violence in Modern Culture" that began at the forum, then join SpokaneFāVS Thursday for its next Pub Talk.

Join SpokaneFāVS for a Pub Talk on Safety in Worship

Over the weekend SpokaneFāVS hosted a thought provoking Coffee Talk on Safety in Worship. However, as always, time went by too quickly and the conversation was still going when the forum closed.

Pub Talk: What is Freedom of Expression?

Join SpokaneFAVS this week for Pub Talk discussion on freedom of expression.

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