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Monday, December 11, 2023

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Controversial New Testament scholar, Crossan, coming to Spokane, CDA

John Dominic Crossan, professor emeritus of religious studies at DePaul University, has been called bold and brilliant. He’s also been called a heretic and a fool.

BRIEF: Holy Trinity celebrates Greek Fest this week

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church will kick off its annual Greek Festival on Thursday. The event begins Thursday and continues through Saturday.

BRIEF: YMCA, local universities team up for scholarship program

In partnership with Gonzaga University and Whitworth University, the YMCA will host two events to distribute information about their Act Six initiative; a full-tuition, full needs, college scholarship program for emerging young leaders, according to a press release.

BRIEF: Come meet the SpokaneFAVS writers!

Come meet the Spokane Faith & Values writers next week at our first ever social mixer!

SpokaneFAVS has 40 local writers offering valuable insights and news articles about faith and ethics, and this is your chance to meet them.

Please welcome our “everything” blogger, Blaine Stum

Blaine Stum, an agnostic atheist, is the news Spokane Faith & Values blogger.

In his blog, "A Geek About Everything," he'll be writing about politics, social issues, science, movies and of course, religion.

Who will keep the candles burning? Millennials and the evolution of Judaism

According to Jewish Virtual Library, the world contains roughly 13.7 million Jews. An estimated 5.4 million of these live in the United States, making up just 1.74 percent of the country’s population. Even in the nation with the second-largest Jewish population (after Israel), we are a small minority. In light of this, the task of engaging millennials—- people who are currently 13 to 30 years old — can appear crucial to the very survival of Judaism.

Staying safe while ministering to mentally ill, poor

This week, Faith & Values news is exploring what happens when violence crosses thresholds in churches, synagogues and mosques. We’ve learned about church safety, mosques set ablaze and how congregations are preparing for the “when” — not “if” — attacks will happen.

In Spokane, churches teeter on a delicate balance of opening their doors wide and locking them tight. One church caters to people who can sometimes be aggressive or hostile. How do they minister to individuals in crisis and keep their own flock safe?

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