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Racist message reportedly found on refugee family’s home in Spokane

Earlier today we received a report of a racist message that was written on the home of a refugee family in Spokane.

Experience Islam at this Month’s Meet the Neighbors

Join us for the next Meet the Neighbors on May 20 for an introduction to the Spokane Islamic Center.

Today: Meet The Neighbors Celebrates Spokane Hindus

The Meet The Neighbors series, presented by SpokaneFāVS and the Spokane Interfaith Council, will continue this month with a chance to meet Spokane’s Hindu community.

Meet The Neighbors begins next week at Bethel AME Church

Season two of Meet the Neighbors will kick off at 6 p.m., Jan. 26 at Bethel AME Church, 645 S Richard Allen Court.

Videos from the Good Neighbor Conference

Nearly 300 people attended last weekend's Good Neighbor Conference at Gonzaga University, where a total of 17 presentations were given.

SpokaneFāVS and Spokane Interfaith Council announce partnership

At last night's Good Neighbor Conference it was announced that SpokaneFāVS and the Spokane Interfaith Council would begin operating together, as one non-profit organization with one board of directors.

SpokaneFāVS to co-host Good Neighbor Conference Dec. 3

A conference will be held at Gonzaga University in early December to provide citizens with the tools to fight bigotry and hate in the Spokane community.

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