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Ask a Muslim: Will Allah Forgive My Mistakes?

The scholars says that it is the most hopeful verse in the Qur’an. Allah (SWT) acknowledges and addresses those who have excessed and tells them that, even if you have transgressed, do not despair His mercy. Just seek forgiveness with sincerity.

Ask a Muslim: Is Wearing a Hijab OK if Not a Muslim?

In my view, head covering is a symbol of modesty related clothing. So, if you chose to wear hijab as part of head covering, it’s fine. Throughout the Muslim world, from Malaysia to Egypt, head coverings are worn in variant ways and styles. Nowadays, young Muslim fashion designers have reimagined the hijab. Some of those names are like Jenahara Nasution, Rabia Z, Hanadi Chehab and Howayda Moussaka.

Ask a Muslim: Why can’t Muslims eat pork?

There are several edicts in the Quran and the Bible against eating pork, as well as the risk of certain diseases.

Ask a Muslim: Proving the existence of Allah

The whole purpose of ‘faith’ is to be that strong in your conviction, that you would not need logic or science to believe.

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