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How Faith, Values, Culture Shape Our Leaders & Ourselves: Part 1

Our systems of faith, values and ethics also shape and influence how we choose our leaders and how they lead us. I have asked our leaders how their faith, values and ethics are used in their day to day lives, and am writing an ongoing series about leadership in Spokane.

City Council passes driveway ordinance, pushes protestors to sidewalks

By Tracy Simmons Members of the Spokane City Council spent more than three hours Monday night listening to residents mostly air their opinions about abortion....

Planned Parenthood Protests to be Discussed at City Council Tonight

It's looking to be another agonistic Spokane City Council meeting tonight as pro-lifers and pro-choicers gear up to talk about the protestors that frequent...

Spokane Alliance Calls on City Council Members to Pass Quality Jobs Ordinance Package

The Spokane Alliance plans to pack the city council chambers at Monday's City Council meeting to ask Council President Ben Stuckart and members of the council to pass three Quality Job ordinances.

Will Spokane become an urban farming city?

At first glance, Cleveland, Portland and Seattle may not have a lot in common. But look deeper.

Historic Church Project: Who cares about some dumb old church anyway?

Who cares about some dumb old church? Well, I do. And maybe you do too.

My wife and I bought an old World War I-era historic building in Spokane in December of 2000.

Pastor, city council candidate’s residency challenged

On Tuesday a lawsuit was filed challenging Pastor Mark Hamilton’s candidacy for Spokane City Council.

Attorney Frank Malone is disputing Hamilton’s residency, claiming he has not lived inside the Spokane city limits long enough to run for office.

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