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BRIEF: Advocates call on Sen. Murray to create jobs, fund social programs, cut spending on Afghanistan War, pentagon

Today at 12:30 p.m. faith leaders and social justice advocates will gather the Community Building urge Sen. Patty Murray to create jobs and fund social programs through ending the war in Afghanistan and reducing the Pentagon budget.

Finding & creating peace in a chaotic world

As much as I love the chaos and noise of the city (I lived downtown for two years and, even in my current living situation, I hear the traffic and sirens on Division),I need moments of peace and tranquility.

You can study other religions without becoming them

It is possible to have studied numerous different traditions, but the study of a tradition does not mean we have “become” that, even a little bit. Many people have a faith of choice and then add to their philosophical and spiritual armory the ideas they are attracted to within other traditions.

It’s possible for people to adhere to tenets from many religious traditions

What a great question.

I think the world we live in is incredibly complex, and that it's possible for people to adhere to tenets from many religious traditions.

Jesus is the only way

NO. Jesus said he is the Way...

Peace in the Middle East: We can do it

TIFFIN, Ohio – Sister Paulette Schroeder, director of the Sisters of St. Francis’ Project Peace, has issued a statement and is circulating a petition on behalf of the people of Palestine as a response to the current situation in the Middle East.

Spokane’s Religion Wrap-up: Eastpoint Church, Christmas concerts, Coal trains, Journey to Bethlehem and Katharine Jefferts Schori

Did you see this week’s Where we Worship feature on Eastpoint Church? It’s three days old and people are still liking it on Facebook and tweeting it out. Your church, mosque or synagogue could be our next Where We Worship, ya' know. Just ask.

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